Our Offer

Legio XIIII Gemina is an one of a kind organization within North America. Nevertheless we try to share our knowledge and  experience from taking part in a major roman reenactment in the United States, living history lessons in schools, lectures at universities, collaboration with museums, making movies, adverts, music videos, photo sessions or publishing projects .

  • We can take part in organization of reenactment events, advise on them or consult on a matter of historical correctness and authenticity.
  • For those organizing reenactment events we offer our representation of a Roman legion’s camp life, legionary’s outfit & equipment, drill and fighting techniques, battles with other legionary or barbarian groups,  gladiatorial shows etc., in some of which spectators can actively take part to get a direct experience.
  • We develop bonds and exchange knowledge with other Roman reenacting groups and cooperate with universities,schools, museums and specialist media preparing various educational projects for kids, the youth and adults.
  • We conduct experimental archaeology projects, i.e. organizing marching and camping expeditions in forests, winter camps and others, to which we invite bold enough volunteers.