Equipment - Legio XIIII Gemina
Do you have a strong passion for history? Do the legions of roman catch your interest? Check out Legio XIIII Gemina the North American Roman reenacting group. The Equipment of the legionary!
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Arms & Armor of the Legion

Imperial Gallic: A, B, C , F , G, H, I

Imperial Italic: A, B, C, D

Coolus: C, D, E, G

ONLY GET “N SERIES” Deepeeka Helmets! Look at the item number.

For example: Ah6052N Gallic G (Worms)

Lorica & Scuta

Lorica Hamata: 6mm riveted

Lorica Segmentata: Corbridge type A &  B

Scuta: Rectangular


(Color should be “natural” colors such as a madder dye, no synthetic dyes. There is no Specific color required)

*Tunic: 100% Linen or Wool

*Cloak: 100% Wool

*Braccae: Leather or 100% Wool

*Socks: 100% Wool

*Focale: 100% Linen or Wool

*Submaralis: Leather or Linen

Leather Items

*Caligae: Mainz Pattern & Castleford Pattern

*Balteus Cingulum

*T-Pole Duffel

*Pera Bag


Gladius: Pompei, Fulham, Mainz
Pugio: 1st Century A.D


*Gourd Canteen/Bottle
*Misc Items: Lamp, cup, bowl, furca net, bone dice, etc.



*Can craft yourself to save you money

Patterns for making your own kit: Legio XX: “How to sections”

Legionaries equipment